Badge Bonanza


Badge Bonanza is a new website that lets you collect badges to recognise how you have broadened your horizons.  Collect 10 badges and you'll earn a certificate and a chance to win one of several prizes. There is also a schools competition so by taking part you'll be helping your school win a prize.

The badges

There are five main badges to help broaden your horizons

  1. Learner: Learning a new skill
  2. Explorer: Get out  your local environment
  3. Helper: help others or help make your community a better place
  4. Doer: step outside your comfort zone
  5. Badge Bonanza: sign up to take on the challenge

So what are they?


Learning is fun and gives you knowledge and new ideas. It can inspire you and the more you learn the more confident you will become. Here are some examples of our challenges for you to do..

·       Read a book of your choice - so reading is a super easy way to expand your horizons. Pick up books on things you’re interested in or have always been curious about. Besides, reading is cool. Trust us, the only thing reading is going to do is make you smarter.

·       Complete the maths challenge – numeracy is a key skill and most jobs need you to be ok at and taking part in a maths challenge can win you a prize and get you a badge.

·       Go to a school maths of literacy club or event at your school

·       Take part in a STEM activity (Science, Technology and Maths) other than the maths challenge or club

·       Take a landscape photo of your favourite view of Hastings and upload it. You could be in our exhibition of children’s’ views of Hastings and win a prize as well as get your badge


Go with friends or family to visit some Hastings sites and see what they have to offer. You may see artwork that inspires you or history that makes you think or views that inspire you to find more places to visit. It’s the start of a journey….

·       Visit the Hastings Museum

·       Visit the Hastings Library

·       Visit the Fisherman’s Museum

·       Visit the Pier

·       Visit the Fishing Huts

·       Visit one of Hastings famous festivals like Jack in the Green, Old Town Week Seafood or Hastings Bonfire

·       See a show at the White Rock Theatre


Part of being well-rounded means working with new groups of people and offering your skills to help others. Meet new people and help at the same time by volunteering. It’s ALSO just a nice thing to do

·       Join a school environment group or school council

·       Plan or help with a school project or event

·       Plan of help with a charity event or litter pick

·       Help out at a school or community club

·       Join in a community project


We said step outside your comfort zone, but you can still be well-rounded just by learning more about your own interests or you can step outside your comfort zone and try something new – it may become your favourite thing to do ever?! Perhaps try a hobby you’ve always been afraid to try.  Why not go with a friend?

·       Take part in an after school club

·       Take part in a local community club or summer holiday club – there are plenty to choose from in your area or across the town.

·       Go on a school trip

·       Run a mile

·       Cook a meal

You need to do at least two challenges from each of the four activity areas

How do I do it?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1.     Chose the activity you want to do – remember only the first two activities you do from each area will earn you a badge

2.     Read about where to go and what to do. Make sure your parents say yes

3.     Complete the challenge, collect the claim code and upload to see you your badge ping back. Check what badge you can earn next!